Ep. 28 From Arkansas to Louisiana: Mark Goodson’s Path as a Landscape Architect and Community Leader

The latest episode of Muddy Waters Clear Vision podcast is a must-listen for all aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders! In this episode, I sat down with Mark Goodson, a landscape architect and one of the owners of CSRS, a multidisciplinary consulting firm. Let’s dive into the highlights of their insightful conversation.

Mark Goodson shares how he was influenced by his parents’ work ethics and the value of hard work, guiding him to be a successful business owner. He emphasizes the importance of finding passion and making a difference, not just focusing on making a living.

Mark’s career path is filled with unique experiences, from starting in pre-med to transitioning to landscape architecture, and eventually moving into public administration with a focus on public finance. His journey is a testament to the power of embracing change and following one’s true calling.

The discussion dives into Mark’s leadership style, focusing on leading by influence and building trust through meaningful relationships with his team. He also candidly shares his areas of potential growth as a leader, emphasizing the importance of learning from failures and evolving constantly.

Mark also opens up about his toughest career decision, leaving a position he considered to be his life’s work, for new opportunities. His resilience and commitment to creating positive change in his community and beyond is truly inspiring.

Mark’s dedication to giving back to the community is commendable. He emphasizes the importance of making the world more livable, safer, and more comfortable through his work, leaving a lasting impact on various projects coast to coast.

Looking ahead, Mark discusses the future plans for CSRS and the shift towards a more integrated approach, reflecting the evolving needs of cities and communities. His insights shed light on the interconnectedness of various disciplines and the importance of adaptation and innovation.

Mark Goodson’s journey from aspiring pre-med student to a successful leader and entrepreneur is a beacon of inspiration. His emphasis on passion, purpose, and making a positive impact through his work is a testament to the transformative power of determination and adaptability.

Tune in to the full episode for an in-depth exploration of Mark’s fascinating journey and his vision for the future. It’s a treasure trove of invaluable lessons and insights for all aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders!

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