Ep. 13 Beyond the Kitchen: Jay Ducote’s Inspiring Entrepreneurial Path in Food, Media, and Mentorship

1/ Jay Ducote is a true example of entrepreneurial spirit! From owning a restaurant to starting a culinary product line, his career in the food and beverage industry has been nothing short of remarkable.

2/ Jay reflects on the changes in social media and how it has impacted his career, transitioning from blogging to creating content and seizing opportunities in the food and beverage space.

3/ Growing up in Baton Rouge and Houston, Jay studied at LSU and taught high school before diving into policy research and grant writing for health information technology. His varied background has been foundational to his success.

4/ Jay credits his parents’ influence as entrepreneurs, particularly his mother’s small scrapbook store while she was teaching. Their entrepreneurial spirit clearly runs in the family.

5/ Reflecting on the shift in decision-making and loss of ownership after selling his company, Jay left corporate settings and now enjoys the freedom to make decisions aligned with his passions.

6/ Even after being told he was “overqualified,” Jay pushed forward, created opportunities for himself, and redefined success. His story demonstrates the power of perseverance and believing in yourself.

7/ Jay’s reflection on the challenges of staying on after selling his businesses sheds light on the struggle many founders face. His honesty and resilience are truly commendable.

8/ Jay’s leadership journey and struggles with discipline and delegation provide valuable insights for young entrepreneurs. Learning to trust and delegate empowered him to grow his business and pursue his passion.

9/ From organizing tailgate parties to winning a Food Network show challenge, and with plans for an upcoming show, Jay’s journey is a masterclass in embracing opportunities and turning challenges into triumphs.

10/ Closing out the podcast, Jay expresses excitement about the evolving world of TV, streaming services, and the possibility of hosting his own show, inspired by the likes of Anthony Bourdain and Guy Fieri. What a journey ahead!

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