Ep. 15 Redefining Impact: Ethan Bush’s Vision for Community Collaboration and Expanding Missions

1/ Did you know that Ethan Bush, the founder of Thirty Three Strategies, spent 11 years in healthcare fundraising before starting his own company? His experience at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center along with his family’s entrepreneurial spirit, influenced his inspiring journey.

2/ Ethan was inspired by his family’s dedication and their selfless acts of kindness. His grandfather’s generosity and willingness to help people truly molded his outlook, rooted in compassion and service.

3/ Raising money for hospitals and running nonprofits honed Ethan’s leadership approach, centered on giving and helping others. He’s now using his 20+ years of experience to guide organizations in finding natural resources and extending their mission and vision.

4/ Growing up in Louisiana, Ethan learned the value of hard work and the challenges of running a business from his family-owned towing and recovery business. This instilled in him the commitment to contribute to the region’s progress and development.

5/ When Ethan’s journey led him to entrepreneurship, he experienced fear and uncertainty. However, during COVID-19, he found time for self-reflection and reevaluated his priorities, highlighting the blessing in disguise within the challenges.

6/ His advice to younger entrepreneurs emphasizes self-assessment, seeking honest feedback, and challenging oneself to address blind spots in planning. Ethan champions the power of embracing imperfection and the value of building relationships before seeking immediate returns.

7/ To strengthen connections, Ethan advocates for asking deeper questions, embracing vulnerability, and serving others before starting a business. His legacy focuses on raising good citizens, authenticity, and making meaningful connections within the community.

8/ Looking to the future, Ethan plans to scale his business, launch a program for executive directors, and deepen the understanding of families and corporations in supporting nonprofits. His commitment to giving as much as possible reflects his dedication to community impact.

9/ Ethan’s leadership style has evolved to be more collaborative and empathetic. He emphasizes continuous personal and professional growth, honesty, and self-awareness, epitomizing his commitment to fostering understanding, empathy, and a culture of continuous service.

10/ Ethan’s journey reminds us of the power of resilience, empathy, and a commitment to community impact. His story is a testament to the transformative potential of empathetic leadership and the lasting impact of selfless service. Truly inspiring!

Let’s join the conversation and learn from Ethan Bush’s extraordinary journey of entrepreneurship and impact! #Leadership #Entrepreneurship #Impact #CommunityBuilding #ThirtyThreeStrategies

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