Ep. 16 Leading the Charge: Henry Hayes Explores AI Education, Servant Leadership, and Business Innovation

1/ Henry Hayes walks us through the world of emerging technology, highlighting the “essential eight” at Disrupt Ready. From drone delivery to 3D printing, the importance of staying ahead in technology is crystal clear!

2/ Henry stresses the need for innovation and change to elevate customer service – a vital key to achieving success. His excitement for the future is contagious, infusing hope and determination into every word spoken.

3/ The convergence of challenges and progress echoes the podcast’s theme of “Muddy Waters,” beautifully captured by Henry Hayes. The journey of innovation is indeed challenging but ultimately achievable, much like the Louisiana landscape.

4/ With transparency, Henry shares the natural challenges facing entrepreneurs – taking risks with people’s money, decision-making dilemmas, and finding one’s purpose. It’s an enriching discussion, resonating deeply with anyone navigating the entrepreneurial waters.

5/ Finding his “tribe” served as a guiding light. Discovering the value of mentorship, servant leadership, and professional development through mastermind groups, his insights on the power of collaboration are truly awe-inspiring.

6/ The impact of AI on small businesses is a hot topic, and Henry doesn’t hold back! From mindset shifts to embracing continuous learning, he sheds light on the challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

7/ Henry unveils a game-changing initiative, the Digital Assets Team University (DATU), set to revolutionize AI education for business executives. This visionary program is sure to make waves in 2024!

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