Ep. 24 Inside the Interiors: Cindy Tiek and TIEK BYDAY’s Design Philosophy and Business Story

1/ Cindy discovered her passion for interior design after considering a master’s in architecture. Working for design firms, she accrued the necessary hours to become a licensed interior designer, ultimately forming TIEK BYDAY with her daughter and business partner.

2/ The journey wasn’t without its challenges. Cindy learned to run a business from scratch, emphasizing the importance of educating clients about billing for services and the need for industry mentors. Her commitment to community involvement sets TIEK BYDAY apart!

3/ Cindy opens up about her Louisiana upbringing, her transition from engineer to interior designer, and her dedication to educating and empowering homeowners. Her passion for local community shines through every project.

4/ Cindy’s approach to client projects is meticulous, emphasizing detailed drawings and specifications to avoid miscommunications. This dedication has resulted in projects ranging from half a million to over 3 million dollars, visualizing every detail in every design!

5/ One of the most heartwarming aspects is Cindy’s partnership with her daughter in running the business. Their positive working relationship and commitment to a strong legacy serve as a shining example of family dynamics in entrepreneurship.

Cindy Tiek’s journey from engineer to interior design expert and her commitment to community involvement and client empowerment make her a true game-changer in the industry. Cheers to the passion, positivity, and purpose she brings to every project!

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