Ep. 26 Grooming a Bright Future: Amanda Floyd Bovino’s Entrepreneurial Journey

1. Starting as a young entrepreneur at 20, Amanda has dedicated a decade to elevating pet care in Baton Rouge, embodying integrity, impact, and love for what she does.

2. From dreams of marine exploration to her father’s business influence, Amanda’s journey is a testament to following passion and making a difference.

3. Despite challenges like rapid growth, personal loss, and navigating the daily grind, Amanda tackles them head-on with determination, endurance, and the will to push through difficult times.

4. Amanda’s management style, focused on providing others with tools, open communication, and making a difference, has led to her team’s success in the industry, with many members transitioning within the company or pursuing careers in veterinary care.

5. Embracing the importance of joy and play in life, Amanda plans for “gardening as play.” In a world where business can age you, her mindset inspires us to prioritize self-care and mental health.

6. Amanda’s stance on slower, purposeful growth, care, and serving a diverse customer base highlights her commitment to maintaining a luxury brand while prioritizing care.

7. Amanda Floyd Bovino, a beacon of endurance, determination, and purposeful impact! Her journey is a reminder to entrepreneurs—invest in yourself, prioritize slow growth, and always strive to make a difference.

Amanda’s dedication to her business and community initiatives shines through as she talks about her plans for expansion and her commitment to leaving a positive legacy. Her entrepreneurial journey evolved from a primarily grooming spa to now include overnight sleepovers, daycare and play, and a cute boutique. She offers valuable insights that aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders will find inspirational and enlightening.

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